SAG MECASA: 100 million Euro annual turnover until 2021

Vienna, 9 October 2017: The NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) area has been successfully supplied by SAG MECASA since 2009. The wholly owned SAG subsidiary – with a total of three locations in Mexico and more than 290 employees – will pursue two goals in the coming years: Achievement of the EUR 100 million annual sales target by 2021 and market leadership in the NAFTA region in the truck fuel tank product segment.

“Developments in the North American automotive market offer us far-reaching opportunities. For this reason, we are planning to expand our Mexican product portfolio and intensify our North American business,” explains Hannes Rest, Press Officer and Head of Global Communications at SAG.

Only this year, the Austrian holding company took over 100 percent of the three plants of SAG Mecasa S.A. de C.V. and SAG Mecalaser S.A. de C.V.. As a supplier for the NAFTA region, the Mexican SAG plants supply renowned OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) with innovative and high-quality solutions, such as energy storage and fuel tanks, for trucks (trucks) and air storage systems for passenger cars (cars).


NAFTA region offers new business potential

By taking over the locations and developing the entire North American market, SAG is opening a door to new international customers. “The NAFTA region experiences an upswing. Especially the production figures of light vehicles & light trucks, vehicles up to six tons, will increase in the near future”, says Rest. Contrary to this development, production figures for heavy trucks (over six tons) are stagnating. New and existing customers are soon to be offered an expanded product portfolio from a single source, which also includes, for example, air reservoirs for motor vehicles.

Intensification of business with start at the NACV Show

At the end of September, the Salzburg-based Aluminium Group presented innovative and sustainable solutions – e.g. fuel tanks, air reservoirs and lightweight components – at this year’s North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Hannes Rest, commented: “The event was an ideal platform for presenting our SAG solutions. In addition, we were able to address new potential customers and networks directly on site”. The NACV Show is one of the largest events of the automotive industry worldwide. Around 400 exhibitors, including well-known OEMs and manufacturers such as Volvo, Daimler and Magna International, took part in the exhibition.