New SAG white paper: Advantages of using Al-Sc solutions in vehicle construction.

SAG R&D experts, together with experts from Kubikenborg Aluminium AB, have conducted a study to investigate the advantages of using Al-Sc solutions in vehicle construction. Research was conducted into the possibilities of improving the strength properties of aluminum alloys by using scandium as an alloying component. The results show that even small additions of scandium to Al alloys can bring about a significant improvement in terms of strength properties, which is crucial for applications in vehicle construction, for example.

The white paper with the detailed study results is also available for download under Ideas for new products up to the start of production ( on our website.

SAG: Global player with a local footprint in 9 countries and at 10 locations

The Salzburger Aluminium Group is an Austrian family owned business with 1100 employees worldwide at 10 locations in Europe, Mexico, the USA and Canada. The headquarters of the company, which goes back to Salzburger Aluminium founded in 1898, is in Lend/Salzburg. Other SAG locations in Austria are Schwarzach/Pongau and Vienna. SAG has subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Mexico, the USA and Canada. As the market leader for aluminium tanks for trucks, SAG is a global supplier to many well-known OEMs. Other products include lightweight components, air reservoirs, compressed air tanks and special components for the commercial vehicle, railway and special vehicle industries.

The company is the technology leader in the field of cryo tank systems for LNG & LH2 (liquid natural gas & liquid hydrogen) and is a pioneer in the field of rheocasting (special casting process for aluminium components). The export ratio is over 90 per cent. The turnover of the entire group of companies was around EUR 220 million in 2021.

As part of the GreenTech Awards 2020/21, SAG was awarded a special prize as “Leading Innovator”. This was prompted by the company’s numerous patents for innovations that make a significant contribution to climate protection.