More safety with SAG CARE Gel Dispenser

The COVID 19 pandemic has brought radical changes in all parts of the world. From precautionary and security measures to drastic changes in companies. However, one thing that can be seen as a positive outcome of the corona crisis is the increased awareness of the importance of hygiene measures, especially hand hygiene.

This is essential, especially in indoor areas such as offices, banks, shops, etc., where many people are present and attack things. Providing practical and user-friendly equipment for hand disinfection can be quite complex or costly. Not so with the SAG CARE gel dispenser.

The aluminium disinfectant gel dispenser, developed and manufactured by the Salzburger Aluminium Group (SAG), is practical as well as versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. Here are some of the reasons why the installation of the SAG CARE gel dispenser offers decisive advantages:

1. adjustable dosage

Thanks to adjustable dosage, the dispenser is economical in use and perfectly suited for standard disinfectant bottles with a longer beak (supplied). The gel is released by simply pressing the foot. No hand contact is necessary.

2. cost effective

The purchase of an aluminium gel dispenser is more useful and sustainable than the purchase of a disposable plastic dispenser. Not only do you save a lot of money, but you also contribute to environmental protection. With its robust, stainless aluminium material, the SAG CARE gel dispenser is extremely durable. In addition, it has a lock on the back and thus an anti-theft protection. The disinfectant can therefore not be stolen.

3. floor mounting possible

The SAG CARE Gel Dispenser does not need to be installed with great effort. It can stand freely on the floor without any installation, or simply be fixed to the floor with four screws. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The SAG CARE Gel Dispenser should be used wherever disinfection of the hands plays an important role, e.g. in entrance areas or for retail and business premises, restaurants or event venues to protect against COVID-19 viruses.

4. easy maintenance

The purchase of an aluminium dispenser is undoubtedly the best choice for your security and that of your employees, customers or guests. Refilling is also practical and easy through the lockable access door on the back of the SAG CARE gel dispenser. Open it up, replace the bottle, done.

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