SAG México wins major orders worth more than EUR 30 million

The subsidiary of SAG Group is on course for expansion as a successful manufacturer of lightweight components for the North American automotive industry

With two production facilities in Tlalnepantla and Monterrey and more than 470 employees, SAG México has become one of the leading Tier 1 suppliers of lightweight components for OEMs in the North American market. With the production of aluminum parts – mainly fuel tanks, compressed air tanks and air reservoirs for heavy and medium duty trucks and ICE SUVs – the company recently generated sales of approximately 80 million euros. Customers include the most important OEMs for commercial vehicles in NA and the most important OEMs for electric cars. Demand is steadily increasing, resulting in major additional orders of more than EUR 30 million in recent months. For further expansion, the acquisition of a third site for the production of tailor-made aluminum components using die casting and rheocasting processes is currently being planned and is expected to be operational by 2025.

SAG México specializes in the production of aluminum components for the automotive and commercial vehicle industries. Currently, the products are widely used in heavy- and medium-duty trucks, as well as SUVs with internal combustion engines (ICE). Solutions for a wide range of electric vehicles are in the development stage and will complement the company’s product portfolio in the future.

Hector Nuñez, Managing Director SAG México, commented: “With our strategic location close to the major OEMs and our extensive know-how in the development of tailor-made products that bring more ease to vehicle construction, we have already been able to attract many satisfied customers who appreciate the quality of our products and our flexibility in logistics. This is also reflected in the fact that this year we have won the ‘Master of Quality Award’ from our customer Daimler Truck North America for the seventh time.”

The future of vehicle construction is made of aluminium

Aluminium offers many advantages over other materials used in vehicle construction. Among other things, it has excellent corrosion resistance and can be used without painting or coating. It can be recycled indefinitely without any loss of quality. Due to its low specific weight, aluminium components can save up to 40% of weight in vehicle construction. This contributes to lower fuel consumption and thus to a reduction in the carbon footprint of ICE or an increase in the range of electric vehicles.

“All in all, the use of aluminum brings many advantages that are motivating more and more OEMs to use more of it in vehicle construction and thus the demand for us as a renowned manufacturer of lightweight components is continuously increasing. With the expansion of our capacities and production capabilities at a third site in Mexico, this trend will be taken into account in the near future,” concludes Hector Nuñez.

Karin Exner-Wöhrer, CEO of SAG Group, adds: “The huge market in North America, which we supply from our sites in Mexico, offers enormous potential. With our products, we can offer vehicle manufacturers a big step towards CO2 reduction. This is a factor that is also becoming increasingly important in the USA. The signs are therefore pointing to expansion for us in Mexico.”

SAG Group: Global player with a local footprint in 6 countries and 9 locations

The company can be traced back to Salzburger Aluminium AG, which was founded in 1898, and today employs around 1100 people at a total of nine locations in Austria, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Mexico, and the USA. As a leading manufacturer of aluminum tanks for trucks, SAG is a global supplier to many well-known OEMs. Other products include lightweight components for chassis, air accumulators, compressed air tanks and special components for the passenger car, commercial vehicle, rail, and special vehicle industries. The company is a technology leader in the field of cryogenic tanks for LNG & LH2 (liquefied natural gas & liquid hydrogen) and was the first company to bring rheocasting (special casting processes for aluminum components) to series production. In 2023, the turnover of the entire group amounted to around EUR 220 million.

As part of the GreenTech Award ceremony, SAG was awarded a special prize as “Leading Innovator” for the third time 2024. The reason for this is the company’s numerous patents for innovations that make a significant contribution to climate protection.

SAG México: Top supplier for the North American automotive industry

SAG México operates at two locations with around 470 employees. One plant is located in Tlalnepantla (Estado de México), another in Monterrey (Nuevo Léon). The company’s main customers are many major OEMs in the North American automotive industries. Among other things, the company produces fuel tanks, compressed air tanks and air storage tanks made of aluminium for heavy and medium-duty trucks and SUVs. Customers include the most important OEM for Commercial vehicles in NA and the most important OEM and electrical cars. SAG México generated sales of around EUR 80 million in 2023, which is around 40% of SAG Group’s consolidated revenue.


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