Innovations with Added Value for OEMs

The requirements for competitive tank solutions are high: they must meet the high quality standards of the OEMs, yet be cost-efficient and are tailored to the specific structural requirements. For the SAG R&D experts, this is a wide field of activity for developing special solutions with additional benefits for the benefit of the customers.

A recent example of “added value” in the development of a hydraulic tank for the market: SAG Fueltech Sweden developed a new design for a hydraulic tank mounted behind the truck cabin. Thanks to the changed cubage, production costs can be saved, which in turn strengthens the customer’s competitiveness.

Lateral thinking for customer-specific solutions

The SAG R&D team generated ideas on how to minimize material and production costs through design changes. The considerations were based on findings from interviews which SAG conducted with the customer on the desired properties of the tanks – also in relation to the competitive situation on the market. The result of the development process speaks for itself, as Mikael Jönsson, CEO of SAG Fueltech Sweden, illustrates: “The relaunch of the design resulted in a considerably production cost saving. The lower price also makes the customer more competitive”. On the basis of this new product design, SAG has now developed further tanks with a volume of 100 to 250 litres and successfully brought them into series production.